Tesla Model S Real World Range Tested at 238 Miles

Tesla Model S Real World Range Tested at 238 Miles

The Tesla Model S has an EPA-rated range of 265 miles when equipped with the largest 85-kW-hr battery pack, or so the American electric car maker claims.

Real world tests have been limited to just 10 minute drives, raising speculation that the battery pack drains much quicker than claimed. Debunking those those rumors and mostly-confirming Tesla’s numbers, the first full drive of the car has rolled in, via Motor Trend.

The test car managed a respectable 238 miles on a single charge. This test run included traffic, highway driving, and city driving. It was meant to be a test in real world conditions, although near the end of the route the testers were dimming the infotainment screen, and turning off every available system in the car to conserve energy.

The resulting 238 mile range is 11 percent worse than the EPA’s range claims, a significant gap when you consider that Motor Trend was not driving the car hard, and they were trying to conserve energy near the end of the trip.

While 238 miles is clearly not 265 miles, it still represents the best EV on the market in terms of how far you can get on a single charge.

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[Source: Motor Trend]

  • PaloAltoWorldView

    The drive is impressive, even aside from the range. It is about the suspension and the superior NVH.

  • They used 78.5kWh of the battery.  This indicates that they only charged it in standard mode as opposed to range mode.  Thats fine, because that is the default and recommended setting to increase battery life.  But range mode exists to use for occasional longer trips.

    Based on their usage, if they had used the full 85kWh charge they would have been able to go close to 250 miles, and wouldn’t have been fretting so much at the end.

  • I would hope the AC and headlights were on for a real test.