TOTO Toilet Bike Neo is a Poop-Powered Motorcycle

TOTO Toilet Bike Neo is a Poop-Powered Motorcycle

In the world of weird news, this one might take the crown for quite some time. TOTO, Japan’s leading toilet maker, has decided to create a bike that runs on bio-fuel from, you guessed it, livestock waste or waste water.

Yep, it’s pretty much a motorcycle powered by poo. The Toilet Bike Neo has been an ongoing project since 2009 and is a three-wheel motorcycle with a 250cc engine. Most humorously is the fact that the rider sits on a toilet-shaped seat. Even more hysterical is the fact that TOTO made it a point that the motorcycle doesn’t run on the rider’s waste. Good to know.

So why the toilet seat if it doesn’t actually function as a toilet? The Japanese toilet maker wants to promote its environmental efforts, and well this eco-friendly, poo-powered motorcycle definitely grabbed our attention.

[Source: Metro UK]


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