Toyota RAV4 EV Aerodynamics Detailed in Video

Toyota RAV4 EV Aerodynamics Detailed in Video

Toyota has just released the second part of a video series chronicling the development of the RAV4 EV. This video focuses on the aerodynamics of the electric crossover.

With a simpler drivetrain, the entire battery pack is flat and makes up the floor of the vehicle. Fender skirts have been added to direct airflow around the wheels, and the spoiler was reshaped to aid the flow of air off the top of the vehicle. This feature is an important part of the RAV4 EV meeting the drag coefficient goal of 0.30. To put it in perspective, that is the same figure that the Acura NSX produced in 2002, for it’s final makeover.

Most noticeable at glance is the revised face of the vehicle and wheels, which are the most efficient combination possible.

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