Toyota RAV4 EV Range Explained in Video

Toyota RAV4 EV Range Explained in Video

One of the biggest hurdles automakers have to overcome with marketing electric vehicles is decreasing range anxiety with its consumers. Toyota recently resurrected its RAV4 EV model, offering an electric crossover with a range of 92 miles, or 113 miles in an extended mode.

When it came to re-engineering its RAV4 EV, Toyota looked at a lot of the details based on its experience and knowledge learned from its first-generation model. The Japanese automaker focused on minimizing range anxiety with its new RAV4 EV and does so through what it calls ‘Smart Energy Management’. As consumers we often just want to know the raw numbers when it comes to an electric vehicle’s range, but sometimes it’s nice to be educated on what can help conserve energy in order to extend the range of your EV.

Toyota has released a behind-the-scenes video on how its engineers worked to save energy on its new RAV4 EV. Overall, we found the RAV4 EV to offer a solid range to help ward off range anxiety and applaud Toyota for pioneering the electric crossover segment.

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