Toyota Enlists Medal of Honor Recipient to Help Veterans

Toyota Enlists Medal of Honor Recipient to Help Veterans

Toyota recognizes that veterans do not have an easy time transitioning to a civilian life. That is why the automaker has launched a partnership to help vets find employment.

Toyota is teaming up with Hiring our Heroes and the first Marine to be a  living recepient of the Congressional Medal of Honor in thirty-eight years. Sgt. Dakota Meyer, Toyota and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s National Chamber Foundation are all teaming up for the Hiring our Heroes campaign by heading out to over 400 job-fairs across America.

Sgt. Meyer will be speaking at these fairs and distributing information that will help veterans develop a personal brand that makes them more marketable. Don Esmond is a former Marine who recently spoke at the Quantico Marine base. He is also a Senior Advisor at Toyota Motor Sales.

“The U.S. is currently facing an unemployment rate for post 9-11 veterans of more than 12%, which has the potential to increase as troops return home from overseas. We believe the Personal Branding Initiative is an important step forward in addressing this challenge because it helps veterans translate their military experience into marketable skills.”

In the US, one in four homeless people are veterans. On any given night, 8.4 percent of the veterans staying in homeless shelters are 30 years old or younger.  These men and women are veterans of America’s current wars.

Sgt. Meyer is a former sniper who understands the difficult transition to civilian life. When he recieved a phone call from The White House notifying him that he had been approved for the Congressional Medal of Honor, he was working a construction job and asked them to call him back when he was on his lunch break.

The sergeant earned his Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan on September 8, 2009, near Ganjgal. After learning that four US servicemen were missing after being ambushed, he charged into the area where they were ambushed while being shot at. He found the four dead bodies of the missing men and with the help of allied Afghan soldiers, was able to move to bodies to a locaton where they could be evacuated. He evacuated twelve wounded allies while providing cover fire that saved the lives of another 24 soldiers.

Sgt. Meyer has faith in the campaign’s new corporate sponsor. “Toyota understands the gap that exists when veterans apply to jobs and face specific challenges in matching future employers job descriptions.”