Volkswagen Beetle Shark Cage Drives Under Water- Video

Volkswagen Beetle Shark Cage Drives Under Water- Video

As part of its Discovery Channel’s Shark Week sponsorship, Volkswagen built a driveable shark cage shaped like its iconic bug car.

Having already shown the cage being built, the latest video offers a look at it in use underwater. Meant to be as close to the VW Beetle it was modeled from, the cage is about a quarter inch off from the actual car’s measurments according to Luke Tipple, marine biologist and host of SharkDiver.

Tipple worked directly with VW engineers to design the cage, which he can be seen driving under water in the clip while interacting with the sharks. You can look forward to seeing more of the cage in action during Shark Week when it kicks off on August 12.

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  • Wow, what I would give to be the person driving that. Although, I am a bit surprised that there isn’t a cage on this thing. Those must be some mighty friendly sharks right there!