Volt Production Scheduled to Stop for Second Time in 2012

Volt Production Scheduled to Stop for Second Time in 2012

In spite of rising Chevrolet Volt sales, General Motors will reportedly halt production at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant that assembles them from September 17 until October 15.

The production break is likely due to the Volt’s poor initial sales. Through July, 2011, Chevrolet only sold 2,870 units, falling far short of its projections. As a result, dealer lots had more product than demand called for, which is something that seems to still be carrying over. In the same time period this year Chevrolet has managed to move 10,666 Volts – more than triple the previous figure.

Regardless, this is the second time GM has temporarily shuttered production in an effort to stave off product pileup. While that backlog is starting to ease, there are still 6,500 unsold units.

Electric vehicle sales in general have been a difficult point of sale. Other options like the Nissan Leaf run purely on electricity whereas in the Volt the small gasoline engine is able to recharge the car without plugging in. Because of that, it’s much more viable for practical use yet it still struggles to sell.

General Motors hasn’t confirmed that the plant will, in fact, shut down, but Automotive News reports that union workers for the plant have already been briefed on the break.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Obermd

    How can a car like the Nisson Leaf that is limited to 75-80 miles at a time with a multi-hour recharge period be more practical than a car that can generate its own electricity?  In many large North American cities get across town and back in less than 100 miles.  It’s possible that I misunderstood the poorly written paragraph that references the Leaf, but it sure sounds to me like your writer is saying the Leaf is the more practical car.

  • Obermd: it’s a poorly edited article. Somebody slashed it for pub without knowing what they were doing. The Leaf has no gas engine, the Volt does, which makes it more practical, yadda, yadda. some copy editor screwed the pooch on this one

  • Obermd

    That’s what I thought, but given the lousy state of “journalism” these days I wasn’t sure.

  • Tromsorbk

    How can Volt be sold her in Europe when the price is more than 40K Euros (means 50K dollars now?). I wonder how marketers of GM could think to sell this (nice, indeed) car at that price. In my opinion, in order to have a mass selling of Volt price here in Europe would have to be between 20 and 25K euros. At that price, Volt will be only a niche car for snobbish ambientalists… 

  • If I could afford one, I’d be driving one!  Sadly, I’m one of the many who just cannot shell out the cost of this awesome car at the moment.  Here’s hoping for maybe model year 2020…

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  • and bullshits like you!

  • David

    When is everyone going to realize GM has no interest in you actually purchasing this car… It’s not a mainstream product like the envoy or any of the other many GM cars (which are poorly made by the way). I haven’t seen one cool TV spot for the Volt, nor have I seen any mainstream marketing efforts! Did we all forget how important this car was supposed to be? Do we really think GM doesn’t have the Marketing Power to bring this car forward? The U.S and Canadian Government (if they aren’t directly involved) should investigate this type of epic consumer tampering, which is exactly what it is. They do this for one reason and one reason only. They don’t want the public knowing how much demand there actually would be for these class of cars. I use the word Class as i truly believe they have the technology to make the car go a lot further than it’s current range. I wonder if this post will get deleted somehow? 

  • Tromsorbk

    Nice comment, very complete. Ebete (idiot)!

  • Stephenl

     Not sure if I’ve seen more more ridiculous post than this. I have test driven this car. It is simply too ugly and small for the price. I strongly believe that PHEV will be a large wave beginning with  offerings next year, just a large swing and a miss from GM on Volt.

  • David

    How do you figure my post is ridiculous? The car actually isn’t ugly, it’s a fail because it looks like a crappy Chevy, this car never should have been introduced under the Chevy banner and everyone knows it! It’s like McDonalds and the McCafe it failed because Health wise McDonalds is taboo! As Chevy is to cool! It’s just not anymore. Where are all the amazing sexy commercials? Where are all te amazing demos? I ride an electric scooter everyday as well as a Lexus is 250 I would never get rid of my car but te electric scooter is just about the best thing living in an urban area, too bad I never feel safe on it! An sexy and cool electric car is exactly what we need but under the Chevy banner come on! GM knows this and so do you! The reality is our governments are addicted to the taxes gasoline generates for their coffers! They say we are addicted to oil but it’s not true, they are addicted to the scam of taxing us! Saudis Arabia just announced a cut in oil prices gasoline goes down a penny! Iran (who we don’t buy oil from and haven’t since 79 announces they will cut exportation an gas jumps 15 cents! Wake up! Don’t vote democrat or republican or liberal or conservative honestly there needs to be a new political party that actually gives a damn about it’s citizens as of now it’s all a bunch of let’s pretend to give the publi what we want! Fact, the volt is actually a very cool looking car especially inside, what turns me off is not the price, considering the tax savings and gas savings it’s the Chevy badge! Chevy just makes ugly cars, the inside is plastic and they are cheap looking! Look at all the cool new Kia’s and hyundais! Don’t kid yourself they wanted nothing to do with electric! And don’t delude yourself even more by thinking it was expensive! The marketing was exactly the same as the ev1 lame, and not sexy! That’s how you sell cars! Please I dare you to prove me wrong!