VW Committed to Diesels on Every New Product Says Marketing Boss

VW Committed to Diesels on Every New Product Says Marketing Boss

Volkswagen is looking to strengthen its diesel portfolio in America, and that likely mean we will see a Tiguan TDI model once the next generation of the compact crossover arrives on our soil.

Brand enthusiasts have been begging the automaker to bring more of its successful TDI models from Europe to America and it appears that Volkswagen is listening. In a recent interview VW marking VP Rainer Michel expressed Volkswagen’s dedication to diesel models on every new product, even in America.

Volkswagen believes that diesel-powered models are a unique selling point to its lineup and stated that currently about 20 percent of its sales are diesel models. The automaker believes it could bump that up to 30 percent rather easily.

As for the Tiguan TDI, Michel agrees that the addition of a diesel Tiguan in America would be “a really great addition.” The more important question is where the Tiguan falls in its current lifecycle and if it’d be advantageous to introduce a TDI variant now. So chances are, we’ll be seeing a Volkswagen Tiguan TDI in its next generation model here in America.

TDI lovers, it looks like your prayers have been answered.

[Source: Motor Trend]

  • Great move! We might have considered a Tiguan TDI had they been available when we bought one of our diesel Golfs. The sooner they’re here, the better. These VW diesels are awesome automobiles!

  • Dave

    We’ve been listening to this “rumor” of a TDI Tiguan in the US for 3 years. Why is VW not selling cars in US, it’s making decisions like getting the  Jetta Sportwagon here instead of the Tiguan. Ya, everyone wanted one of those, in 1994! They should recognize the window of opportunity and step up the production capacity and address the emission issue instead of using it as an excuse. People will pay more for the small diesel SUV and there is NO competition. 

  • Jopet

    Can some please say when?

  • Lisa

    The Tiquan TDI can’t be here fast enough. VW are you listening?

  • TD Fontenot

    I have been waiting and waiting for the TDI Tiguan like so many others. If i remember correctly they were supposed to come out with it in 09 but as we well know that didn’t happen. I now own a Golf TDI and this, by far, is the best vehicle that i have ever owned, just could use something a little larger. I can grantee VW one thing, I WILL NOT purchase the Tiguan unless it has the TDI. What the hell is the hold up? Wake up Mr. VW.   

  • Donald

    I heard an update that the Audi Q5 is getting the diesel this summer as a 2014 model.  It is the sister of the Tiguan.

  • Djst

    Volkswagen [Audi] seems to relish the tease of bringing a diesel small SUV to the U.S. For numerous years I’ve hearing about a diesel Q5 coming to America – to no avail. Sounds ever so much that the Volkswagen Group talks a good story but can’t deliver.

  • Steve

    I’ve been waiting for the diesel Tiguan, won’t buy it without the diesel.
    I have a new 2012 CC Lux and a 2012 Golf TDI and love them both. My niece just bought a 2013 Passat.    I want to add the Tiguan DIESEL now.
    When, when, WHEN VW?   Who wouldn’t want a SUV that can get 40-42 mpg,  

  • Steve

    Update,  just read from autoblog, Mazda CX-5 will come out with a diesel some time this year.
    Please VW get a diesel Tiguan here now.    I’ve had 3 Mazda’s in the past, MX-5, RX-8, 3,  and I may have to consider
    it again.    

  • I WANT a small crossover SUV with all-wheel-drive and a turbo diesel.

    I WILL buy the first one that comes available.  VW, Subaru, Mazda…..whatever.

    I like the Tiguan a lot, but there is no possibility I’ll buy a gas-powered one.  Forget it.

    Are you listening, VW?  And Mazda?  And Subaru?  Get with the program.

    My dream car:  A Jeep Wrangler Rubicon DIESEL. 

  • vobguy

    I need something smaller, but I don’t want to go down to a car from a pickup truck.  And I want a diesel.  I commute almost 100 miles a day.  I have been waiting for a Tiguan TDI , but every time the rumors seem to push it a few years down the road.   I may have to go some other way soon.

  • Jayefizzle629

    Come on VW can’t you see we all are waiting for the Tiguan TDI. I personally am not getting the Tiguan until it is offered in diesel. Such a great option for the US, but yet no ones made any moves. Come on already!!!!!! I’m tried of the rumors make it happen VW!!

  • Tdwightfontenot

    Well, I have grown tired waiting on the Tiguan VW, it seems that you, {Mr. VW}  just cant get off the pot. I am now turning towards the Jeep diesel that will appear in March. Can’t wait on VW all my life, good by MR.VW.

  • Ryanm9

    Lots of people don’t understand why they have troubles bringing car over to the North American market
    1.Must keep up with the demand of vehicles for the population
    2.Meeting emission standards for both U.S.A and Canada
    3.Creating a great car that will satisfy the consumer (EG. great drive and fuel economy)

  • Smitty

    I’m buying the first small suv diesel offered in th U.S. I thought Mazda was ready but noooo. After owning a jetta tdi I’ll never go back to petrol if I can help it. Come on VW, I need a diesel 4×4.

  • Jack Jagt

    I’ve put 250,000+ kilometers & Miles on my 2001 VW Jetta TDI. Our car goes South/West in the winter. We like to explore and get out in the ‘sticks’. Now we would like to buy a VW TDI SUV but can’t find even one. None of the completion are very attractive.

    All I’m asking for is Diesel & All wheel drive, and 8″ ground clearance, and please a large enough (Diesel) fuel tank.

    Jack Jagt

  • lois

    where it is Passat All wheel drive and VAGON

  • lois

    Only EUROPE gets 4×4 vagon diesel pasat