10,000 Ford Employees Volunteer for Charity

10,000 Ford Employees Volunteer for Charity

For the seventh year in a row, Ford leveraged a massive labour force across the world for a week of volunteer work.

This year, that meant more than 10,000 employees from different parts of the world volunteering time for projects ranging from organizing an anti-litter rally in India to installing water desalinization equipment in Indonesia and even building barn owl boxes for the coastal marshes in the U.K.

“We now have the momentum and resources to start taking the next steps toward realizing our global vision of year-round volunteer activities,” said Jim Vella, president of Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services.

Those resources include a total of $240,000 in grants to fund the projects worldwide. Those grants come collectively from a network of non-profit organizations providing resources to Ford’s volunteers.

Many of the projects will continue in the coming months including projects in 15 states including building houses and providing legal services to veterans.