Five-Point Inspection: 2012 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Limited

Five-Point Inspection: 2012 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Limited

1. Looks Plain, is Plain

Unfortunately the redesign of the Subaru Impreza brought with it a completely mundane look. While the previous generation may have caught your eye, the 2012 can easily go ignored. Boxy, bulky body panels were placed on the rear of the car, giving it a made-from-Lego look. Inside and out the Impreza fails to excite, and is truly not easy to love, or hate.

  • wagonho

    nice interior but needs maybe a 2.2 GDI with a DSG gearbox…

  • Graeme C

    As an owner, I have very mixed feeling about this here article. The CVT sucks, I have the manual. Down on power.. maybe. Block like back-end, but very sexy nose and front end, I can’t get enough of it. Interior, nothing crazy, but something that’s prevented me from getting the Impreza in the past was the 90’s knobs and general hate for the eyes, which is WAY better now. I’ve got the sport package, so I’ve got the low profile spoiler, sun roof, fog lights. The car is bitchin. I think the real disappointment in the car is it’s not available in Rally-Blue. I’d recommend the car to anyone. 

  • Ohmy39

    Very different from almost all other reviews. Great car

  • fsum242

    On a side note, does any body else hate the way set up their stupid website… gotta click through slides to get to the next paragraph? I possibly could handle if the next slide put me where the article is so I only have to click the next slide button but when it loads and you try to scroll… it’s a jacked up. And besides, I have an ad blocker… WON’T BE BACK!