2013 BMW M5, M6 Unfit to Drive: Brand Says

2013 BMW M5, M6 Unfit to Drive: Brand Says

BMW just issued a technical service bulletin to all of its dealers that calls for a stoppage of delivery for all 2013 M5, M6 and M6 Convertible vehicles for a problem with the oil pump. 

The bulletin says vehicles fitted with an affected pump can unexpectedly lose oil pressure, potentially causing major engine damage. BMW is contacting customers who have already received their new cars and telling them not to drive their vehicles until they have been inspected by a dealer.

Each dealer will be provided with an explanation of the flaw from the company later today.

This will undoubtedly spur an official NHTSA recall sometime in the near future.

GALLERY: BMW M5, M6, M6 Convertible TSB

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[Source: M5 Post]

  • U of M5

    I picked up my 2013 F10 M5 in Munich and put almost 1000 miles on it driving through Europe with not a single issue.  I did attend a lunch with the other M5 owners who took the initial delivery as myself and spoke with a gentleman whose M5 simply “died” before he had 40 miles on the odometer.  I am not too concerned as I know BMW will work relentlessly to resolve the matter and my vehicle is still on a ship somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic anyway, but I do hope it is resolved quickly as that car is the most fun vehicle to drive ever!

  • Stephan Hewitt

    Yeh a friend of mine is currently driving the hell out of his across Europe as well for the Euro delivery and is in fact about to complete break-in and get service done in Italy somewhere before returning to the USA. No one has stopped him from driving over there but I told him make sure he insists the car doesn’t come home without the new pump installed.  I’m currently awaiting delivery of my F10 which is sitting on the dealership lot much to my pissed offness.  Good luck to you!