2013 Honda CR-Z Facelift Revealed, Power-Bump Expected

2013 Honda CR-Z Facelift Revealed, Power-Bump Expected

It might have the looks, but the CR-Z has been an utter flop for Honda in the sales department. A sporty hybrid, the bad press is the result of it not being terribly efficient or overly powerful.

With our first look at the car’s mid-cycle update, its obvious from the photo released that cosmetic updates are minor. More dramatic changes are, however, rumored for under the hood, where the car’s 1.5-liter 4-cylinder and electric motor are expected to get a boost in oomph. Previous teaser images released by Honda clearly showed a new rim design, as well as an S+ button – again hinting at a higher level of performance.

Set to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show later this month, Honda will also reveal its first Earth Dreams diesel engine in a Euro Civic model. Other models on display will include the CR-Z and EV-STER electric roadster, as well as a 40 year celebration of the Civic.

GALLERY: Honda EV-STER Concept


  • Insane_Speed Steve

    You can’t expect this generation to already bank on a sport hybrid, we still remember the beloved CRX and the CR-Z is no CRX. Honda would need to offer more engine options including a gas or flex fuel only engine for typical tuners to enjoy. The CR-Z chassis is decent with needs for improvement on the rear suspension design, it pushes when taken a little out of its element. I could go on for a while how honda failed with the CR-Z.

  • Phil

    people can bash on the CR-Z all they want,… in a world where green/electric/hybrid cars are becoming more and more important, I, AT LEAST, am thankfull to Honda for at trying to make a good looking one that can be equiped with a 6spd manual transmission. Of course, the end result might not be perfect, and we’d all love an Si version or something with more power, but still, if I ever had to buy a hybrid, it’d be the CR-Z

  • Alan

    The biggest problem with CR-Z sales in the the UK was simply that they did not offer the auto version offered to the rest of the world, had they done that then they would have sold a lot more. I certainly would have had one as would many of my friends.

  • Krizqimobile

    Apparently its already premiered in indonesia yesterday at the indonesian motor show


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