2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel will use Urea Injection

2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel will use Urea Injection

The Chevrolet Cruze Diesel will be heading to America as a 2014 model year in 2013, and will feature a 2.0-liter, direct-injected turbodiesel powerplant equipped with the AdBlue urea emission control system.

With all the engineering work that’s required to certify the European diesel engine for sale in North America, it’s expected that Chevy will keep the diesel variant in the Cruze lineup even after it gets its redesign in 2015. And thanks to the urea system, it’ll be compliant with present and future emissions regulations.

The AdBlue urea system is used in conjunction with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) converter to control oxides of nitrogen diesel emissions. The AdBlue solution consists of 32.5 percent high purity urea diluted in distilled water and found onboard the Cruze diesel in a special, independent tank.

The downfall of the system is that it requires maintenance, which will be handled at dealerships and could be refilled at every oil change. The automaker is still working out the final specifications as to when the system will be refilled.

Performance figures for the Cruze diesel are still unknown, but its European counterpart offers 161 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. The American automaker is hard at work to suppress as much noise as possible from the diesel engine, something European car buyers tolerate more readily than their American counterparts.

[Source: Washington Post]

  • Johnny Tightlips

    I wonder how much Chevrolet will sell it’s AdBlue solution for. Usually VW sells it for substantially cheaper than Mercedes does.

  • jason riddell

    truck stops and dealers sell for even less then VW sells it for

  • Guy

    How many miles to the gallant with the diesel.

  • Adblue my butt………..distilled water for what, what happened to a true Diesel?
     I’m sad cause I was hoping it would be good seller for US market, now they want add-on stuff.

  • I imagine it’ll be about where the VW Passat/Jetta TDI is, which uses 2L diesels instead of the 2.2L Mazda will use. About 39MPG (US gallons) real world average. About 11% of that is just because diesel has more energy than gasoline, so it’d only be 35.14MPG if you want to think of efficiency in comparison to a gas engine.

  • alvord1430

    So this new Chevy runs on a combination of diesel fuel and my own pee?  Why don’t the German diesels use urea?  Did they get some kind of EPA exemption?

  • Matt

    Most of the Germans have Urea injection minus the Golf and Jetta

  • V4prn

    The passat uses ad blue

  • JefferyHaas

    They need to consider offering that 2 liter diesel in a small truck or minivan if they want to really capture  the market because people are tired of getting 17 miles to the gallon just because they need a work vehicle.

    What soccer mom wouldn’t like to enjoy hauling the kids and groceries while getting 40 mpg?

  • dak11331

    Same mileage as the Cruze ECO but significantly higher fuel and maintenance cost for the diesel?  Not sure I would spend extra for that feature.  I agree the focus should be SUVs and crossovers for this engine technology to really have a meaningful impact. VW and possibly Mazda, if their diesel engine is as good as reported with no after-treatment, will own this small car segment and Cruze ECO D will sit unsold like the Leaf.

  • Charley

    Consumer Reports was charged $317.00 to refill their Mercedes diesel with urea injection fluid. The new Mazda 6 diesel doesn’t need urea and is expected to push 50 mpg on the freeway. 

  • Charley

    My friend just read what I said about the Mazda 6 getting a possible 50 mpg and he said “no way could a diesel available to the public get that.” I then showed him an article on line about John and Helen Taylor who averaged 84.1 mpg in a VW Passat diesel. He was floored. The cool thing about diesels is that frequently they get better than advertised fuel economy, while hybrids always deliver less… sometimes way less. Look at all the heat that Tesla is now getting.

  • William

    it’s about 5 bucks per gallon for a 4 gallon tank if you get it in bottles, or about half that if you get it from a truck stop pump. plus Chevrolet dealers give free top-ups and refills of it for the first 2 years