2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid Offers Over 500 Miles of Driving Range

2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid Offers Over 500 Miles of Driving Range

Heading to dealerships early next year, the 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) Sedan will offer a total driving range of over 500 miles.

Powering the Accord PHEV is the new Earth Dreams 2.0-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder with 137-hp paired with a 124-kW electric motor for a total system output of 196-hp. It will have the ability to run in all-electric mode for 10 to 15 miles and will be the Japanese automaker’s first vehicle powered by its new two-motor hybrid system.

Fuel efficiency for the 2014 Accord PHEV is estimated to be 100 MPG-e and is expected to receive an Enhanced AT-PZEV rating from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Borrowing technology from the Honda Fit EV, the Accord PHEV will also feature an electric servo braking system setup, allowing for “exceptionally natural brake pedal feel, while extending the range over which the regenerative braking can take place,” according to Honda.

Using a standard 120-volt household electrical outlet, the Accord PHEV can go from a low-charge point to fully charged in less than three hours. Those opting for the 240-volt ‘level 2’ charge can have it done in less than an hour. The Accord PHEV will be based on the Touring model trim and will be offered in White Orchid Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, and Burnished Silver Metallic color choices.

No pricing on the 2014 Honda Accord PHEV has been announced yet.

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  • Carrie

    Did Acura designers say, “hey, lets give that Accord a big smiley grill???????

  • Nice, but with enhanced batteries I expect 60 to 100 miles for the pure electric mode. This will be a winner.

  • The honda big smiley grill really SPOIL the looks…

  • The huge grill really spoil the looks…Make the car so 80s.  When are they launching?  Luckily we got the facelift 9th Gen honda, not the USA 2012 grills.

  • Lpoc12

    When the all EV mode goes out, will it work like your usualy Honda hybrid? Cause I’m not sure. I see the benefits with such a low all EV range. Like with the Prius plug in, it’s only got the 11 miles, but the fact that it acts like a normal hybrid when the all ev mode goes out makes it worth it.

  • It looks winky-winky like those Acuras and Audis do.  Very metrosensual.  I thought my Chevy Volt was going to get upstaged by this car, but apparently not.  For a lower price, I get 36-43 miles of electric range out of my Volt, not to mention the zillions of gadgets the Volt has.  I have no clue who would pay more for a silly looking car with only 13 miles of electric range.  Freeway mileage is good, granted, but who is Honda targeting to buy these cars?