2014 Volkswagen Golf Officially Revealed in Berlin

2014 Volkswagen Golf Officially Revealed in Berlin

Despite not being scheduled for sale as a North American model until 2014, the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf was officially revealed in Berlin today.

Everything was redesigned for the latest generation as VW migrated the car to its new MQB platform, dropping 220 lbs, boosting fuel efficiency a claimed 23 percent and offering a line of totally reworked engines. According to the company, those engines will also feature fuel-saving cylinder deactivation.

In the turbodiesel’s case, VW is claiming that the car gets almost 62 mpg. That figure would be derived from the European cycle and will likely decrease when tested by the EPA, but overall the new Golf will still get significantly better mileage than the current generation.

Far from being the only new aspect to the car, interior space will also grow despite the overall weight loss. On top of offering passengers more space, the car will also offer new safety features, though it isn’t clear if they will make it to the U.S. spec model. Those will include fatigue detection, brake assistance, lane assistance, adaptive cruise control and more.

Volkswagen also said the car will come with completely redesigned information and entertainment systems. Apart from that, the cabin has been updated with a much more luxurious look that seems much closer to the Audi A3 it shares a platform with. That premium feel continues on the outside with updated exterior styling like a bolder front fascia, and sharper lines running from the front to rear.

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