2014 Volkswagen Golf Photos Leak, Interior Shown Early

2014 Volkswagen Golf Photos Leak, Interior Shown Early

Despite not actually releasing any new facts, a swath of photos revealing the 2014 Volkswagen Golf just leaked to show the car inside and out.

Remaining recognizably a Golf, the car gets a revised front fascia and sharper lines to lend it a more aggressive look overall. The interior also seems to have moved upmarket with a cleaner cabin featuring piano black accents and a center console that angles toward the driver.

With the seventh generation, Volkswagen will migrate the Golf to its new MQB platform, which it shares with the Audi A3 among others. More small tweaks to the VW make that sharing especially evident, like the revised rear-end and side panel styling. For example, Volkswagen did away with the old rounded gas door in favor of an angled, square looking unit which further compliments the angle of the rear doors.

The European market will get the new version of the car, which loses 220 lbs and uses 23 percent less fuel, much earlier than the North American market will. For that reason, it will be sold as a 2013 model year overseas. However, VW told AutoGuide that the U.S. release will be delayed by at least a year to sell it as a 2014 model.

Volkswagen will officially debut the seventh generation Golf later this month at the Paris Auto Show.

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