2014 Volkswagen GTI Gets Power Package, Real LSD

2014 Volkswagen GTI Gets Power Package, Real LSD

Spy photos of the next-generation Volkswagen GTI, which is set to hit the European market in June 2013 before heading to America in early 2014, have already surfaced but there’s more.

For the first time in its seven-generation history, the GTI will get a factory performance package option in Europe, bumping performance by 10-hp to 220-hp; but more importantly, the German automaker will equip it with a limited-slip differential rather than the standard XDS. In an interesting way, by offering the limited-slip differential in a performance package, the German automaker is admitting that its XDS, which is an “advanced electronic differential lock linked to a sophisticated Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) system,” according to the automaker.

Those were the only details released on the new power package, but the automaker promised that more “goodies” will be coming. It’s unsure whether or not the option will head to America, but given how enthusiastic Americans are about performance, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it did.

GALLERY: Volkswagen GTI Spy Photos


[Source: Car and Driver]