2015 SRT Barracuda to be Built on New, Smaller Platform

2015 SRT Barracuda to be Built on New, Smaller Platform

Recent reports say that the SRT Barracuda will co-exist with the current Dodge Challenger, and now further evidence supports this belief as the 2015 SRT Barracuda will be built on an entirely new platform.

Given the size and weight of the Dodge Challenger, Chrysler has decided to develop the new Barracuda on a smaller platform in order to make it more of a global model. Thanks to its relationship with Fiat, the American automaker wants to export its current Challenger model, but views its size as a barrier to do so. Combine that with the growing awareness of fuel economy as a main purchasing factor in other markets, and a shorter, lighter Barracuda makes sense.

The 2015 SRT Barracuda is now expected to be similar in size to the current Ford Mustang, losing more than six inches compared to the current Challenger’s wheelbase. Overall length will be close to eight inches shorter, while the rear track and overall width should be shrinking a tad more than 2 inches. This also means that the Barracuda will be almost 300 lbs lighter than the Challenger, which means throwing in a four-cylinder would actually be viable.

If the weight savings are significant enough, we might be seeing the new 2.4-liter Tigershark inline-four under the hood with a form of forced induction to make it fitting for the SRT name.

[Source: Car and Driver]

  • This is a beautiful looking car but i dont understand y it has to be the 2015 SRT I mean its still 2012 and i understand car companies putting out a car a year earlier because that current year it ending. But it doesnt make sense to put 2015 on a car when its 3 years away and the car will be out way before then.

  • 383HemiSC

    June 2012 – Starparts – Sales code ESC – Platforms, LX, LC, LD, LA – 6.2L Supercharged Hemi with MDS
    June 2012 – Brenda Priddy & Company – 392 Challenger with covered front fascia.  To note, there’s a roll cage in that car.

    Essentially, I would say, expect the future lineup of SRT to look something like this.
    2013 SRT Viper
    2014 SRT Barracuda 6.2L Supercharged – shorter chassis design
    2015 SRT Dart 2.4L turbocharged

    and the Dodge Lineup to look something like this
    2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, R/T, SE
    2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, R/T, SE
    2015 Dodge Challenger SRT8 – refresh based on the SRT Barracuda chassis –

    We should remember that SRT is it’s own brand now.

  • Ryanclink1

    Bottom line… 70/71 cuda is the mark to remake.   I would recommend that they stay true to the 71 with the 70 tail lights.   I DON’T CARE WHAT MOTOR THEY PUT IN THAT.   The moment they give up their identity to FIAT, they will be a dead car company to me.   
    Look at what they did to the Dart!?!  I know a Neon when I see it.  POS-

    Why do they have nothing but a 4-Door Charger too?   C’Mon.    

  • Gargamoth

    As long as the new Baracuda Isn’t another land yacht I think Dode has a chance. I like the Bdy style
    shown here http://www.caranddriver.com/features/2015-srt-barracuda-future-cars. The Manufacturers should build the vehicle in proportion with 18 to highest 19″ wheels and no more than 51 inches high, Any more than that and you have a new shape with the same old yacht dimentions. I really so hope the car comes out. I’m tired of looking at watered down nostalgic designs..Adding carbon fiber to some parts should keep weight down and MPGs up. Just saying the company doesn’t have a history(exclude viper) for fast cars or honestly fuel efficient  for that matter…

  • Should be interesting to see how the muscle car battle evolves.
    Initially I think the big three were focused more on eliciting that
    vintage muscle car spirit, and as it gets more and more competitive,
    they’re starting to look and act more and more like sports cars.

  • Alfred Bundy

    No need for a 2 dor Charger.  4 is fine and a fine muscle car.  With Challenger having 2 doors, no way will they re-tool to give Charger 2.

  • This is a bad idea, for this concept. I predict a flop. The idea is to improve performance and not strip the features. Smaller than Mustang? Thats horrible!. It is supposed to compare to Mustang. Barracuda is to improve some weight conditions of the current challengers. The Cuda should be powerful, nimble, speedster, and pretty.

  • This seems like a backwards idea.

  • Should powerful as to be a full version sport cars which is lighter.

  • D_L_B58

    Dont make a Barracuda if its not gonna be even a muscle car! dont put a wimpy 2.4L in it put the new 6.2L hemi in it keep it a muscle car and make a new name for the car. If your not gonna make it a true muscle car then make a new name dont destroy an old muscle car favorite.  

  • steven

    lol what? Is this actually real? Why would they put a 4 cylinder in a muscle car that’s similar in size to a mustang which has a v8? This might be the worst article ever I’ve ever seen.

  • Challenger owner

    Fiat done screwed up the Dart, which i call it a Fadart. Now the Cuda. Well well what would you call a car that would have the same engine as the Fadart a sad excuse for a Cuda. If Fiat makes this I hope Fiat export everyone. Fiat needs to save face and sale Chrysler to a company thats knows how to restore ture retro like the Challenger. or don’t produce the Cuda, Fiat.

  • Jouster

    Shave another 500 lbs off, give us a 6-speed manual, and get us 600 hp under the hood, and price it under $30K. Don’t wimp it out like the new Dart, and don’t lose the very retro styling of the 70’s ‘Cudas.

  • Don

    all muscle cars are made with 2 doors. yeah, 4 door is nice and convinient, but its not true to any muscle car standards.

  • Mickeysm14

    Most of the engines in nhra are derivatives of the Chrysler hemi.

  • Craig

    You Cant resurrect a legend and give it a hamster wheel under the hood – SRT Has to be avail in Supercharged V8 with 5-600 HP unless you only want to see the taillights if the camaros and Mustangs and Vettes- just saying

  • Greg

    Perhaps (hopefully) they mean for Export.
    If North America wants a 2.4L engine, buy a Dart !

  • ChuckyBruce

    looks like the 80’s are here again. Small engines and big names.

  • Jim

    I like the idea of having a vehical with the looks and feel of a muscle car without having to drain my bank account on gas. I personally love the idea of the 2.4L engine.

  • Ronald

     This may not be a popular reply BUT maybe you were not around when these “muscle cars” were built, back then you could get a 225 slant six in a cuda as well as serious horsepower engines, funny thing, they made performance versions of the dart, yes you could buy a badd ass dart that would walk all over a six cylinder cuda or keep up with the best made, its just the way things were. If you want true retro, they have to have a tame version for those who either cant afford a performance version or cant handle one (excluding of course limited edition vehicles such as the viper). Also think of the fathers thinking of buying one for their teenage kid and the insurance cost as well as the other “risks” involved with a teen in a 500 HP car when the kid would be really happy just to have a cuda, of any kind…

  • Ronald_c_reed2012

     Think if there are more cudas on the road there will be more in scrap yards hence cheaper body and interior parts as well as other goodies!!!

  • Ronald

     You sir do NOT know the history of mopar, remember the superbird? Nascar had to ban them because they were sweeping races, remember the hemi roadrunner? The 440 six pack cuda? it was the same car you could get a 225 slant six in, I could go on id rather you just google hi perf mopars and see you dont know diddly about mopar history.

  • Alfred Bundy

    Fuel economy is the LAST thing I would consider in buying a car. V8 Hemi! American Muscle!

  • Induranga

    I can’t agree more bro !

  • e.j.r.

    I totally agree with that ronald. Im 15 right now and my 19 year-old brother has a 2011 camaro. my dad got a trans am when he was 16 and i want either a challenger or cuda next year. The only problem is the price, much over 30 K and i wont have one. i think they should make a lesser version and more powerful versions, like the camaro did.

  • Jonathon Veronneau

    This article does not go far enough into depth. Car and driver had an article that explained the entire car. It will still offer a hemi, maybe not the 6.4, but at least the 5.7. A v6, and yes a four cylinder, possible turbo charged… The mustang will be pushing v6 and 4 cylinder power shortly and probably camaro as well, Dodge needs to do something to position them selves to take on this competition. The only thing I ask is that they offer a standard transmission with all engines, there the only one to not offer a standard/v6 combo right now. I would also love to see a “stripper” performance model, some basic small wheels(16″, 17″), manual windows/locks, v8 power, and sub $25,000 price, I think its ridiculous that the only way to get a base model is with base engines, not every one needs a car that will cook them breakfast, some of us just want a big motor and to be able to shift it our selves.

  • Rick Thompson

    I seen a new mustang the other day with a sale price under $20k. Along with it came a Chinese made manual tranny. UGH!