Acura RDX Appears in The Avengers Deleted Scene – Video

Acura RDX Appears in The Avengers Deleted Scene – Video

Marvel’s The Avengers was one of the biggest movies released this summer, and now it’s hit DVD shelves all across America. Those grabbing the Blu-ray copy are treated to a collection of deleted scenes, one of which features the all-new Acura RDX.

Acura’s involvement with The Avengers was huge, supplying all the vehicles for S.H.I.E.L.D, an government organization portrayed in the movie. Acura also took a starring role in last year’s release of Thor. Agents in The Avengers were seen driving around Acura’s latest models including the MDX, ZDX, and TL, while the 2013 RDX made a cameo appearance in a scene that was ultimately cut from the movie theaters.

And of course, there was the custom convertible sports car that teased the upcoming Acura NSX.

Watch the deleted scene with Captain America and the Acura RDX below.

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  • I think that this product placement by Acura would have worked out better for them if it wasnt in a deleted scene, but in the actually movie. I don’t like the fact that Stan Lee was in this scene and they cut him out, that’s messed up.