Acura NSX Hybrid to Race in New ALMS-Grand Am Series Hints Honda

Acura NSX Hybrid to Race in New ALMS-Grand Am Series Hints Honda

Fans of the American Le Mans Series and motorsports in general may be weary of Grand Am’s acquisition of ALMS, but if there’s any hope to be had that top quality motorsports will remain on the North American continent it’s that automakers are supporting the merger.

Included in the list of manufacturers releasing statements on the new racing series is Honda, which has openly admitted to be planning a race car based on its upcoming Acura NSX. “In much the same way as unification provided a way forward for open-wheel racing, today’s news announcing the merger of the American Le Mans Series and Grand-Am has the potential to grow and improve the sport,” said Honda Performance Development president Art St. Cyr.

Currently backing teams in both series, the current rules in both Grand Am and ALMS leave little room for the NSX, forcing Honda to consider a non-hybrid version (allegedly).

Full details of the racing classes and rules have not yet been announced by the new combined series, however, it’s likely hybrids will play a part, as suggested by St. Cyr. In the same statement he makes further comments, dripping with hybrid overtones, that HPD is looking forward to taking part in a series, “featuring a defined rules package that maintains sports car racing’s traditional role as a technological leader and innovator.”

This statement also run parallel with previous comments by Acura PR manager Gary Robinson who told AutoGuide that, “You can expect that any plans we make will be consistent with the concept and purpose of the car.”

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