Audi Q2 Concept May Come to Paris Motor Show

Audi Q2 Concept May Come to Paris Motor Show

Rumored to have a spot at the Audi display this week, a Q2 small SUV concept could make an appearance during the festivities this week at the Paris Motor Show.

It’s still unclear if it will actually appear on the showroom floor, but a preview of the car could be wheeled out during a pre-show event tomorrow. If that turns out to be the case, it will be based on the A1 platform, but with a larger footprint — hence the Q2 name versus being called the Q1.

As a sister car to the Volswagen Cross Polo, a stronger version of the Polo already sold in Europe, it would look like a marriage between the larger Q3 (seen above) and the A1.

It would come with available all-wheel drive wearing a Quattro badge and would offer a raised ride height over the VW car. Earlier reports suggested that the Q2 would launch in 2015, so seeing it at the show this week would make sense.

[Source: WhatCar]