Audi Q2 SUV Previewed in Paris-Bound Concept

Audi Q2 SUV Previewed in Paris-Bound Concept

Audi is bringing its Crosslane Coupé concept to Paris this week in a move that recent reports suggest will confirm its intent to sell a Q2 compact SUV soon.

Expected to launch in 2015, the rugged little car will be built on the A1 platform and set to compete with the MINI Countryman.

Sitting below the Q3 in Audi’s lineup the vehicle will be larger than the three-door A3. The Crosslane Coupé will act as a preview for the Q2, but much of its design will likely be cut for actual production.

Among those changes, the final product is expected to be a five-door model with four seats and a higher roof line to improve its everyday appeal.

Expect it to look more like a crunched down Q3 with less ground clearance and a shorter wheel base. That’s because much like the rest of Audi and Volkswagen’s new products, it rides on the automaker’s MQB platform.

In other words, the little SUV will be based on the same architecture as the 2014 Golf and 2013 A3, which explains the similarities.

A final decision on the Q2 has yet to be passed down from Audi’s executives, but with plans for it to launch in 2015, those words should filter down soon.

[Source: AutoCar]