Bentley Continental GT3 Concept Reignites Racing Heritage

Bentley Continental GT3 Concept Reignites Racing Heritage

Bentley revealed more than just the GT3 concept here at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, as the brand also announced its return to the race track. 

The GT3 concept is based on the the Continental GT speed, the fastest road going car that the English luxury brand has ever churned out. To meet race specifications, the GT3 sits on a rear-drive chassis, and receives state of the art motor sports hardware and aerodynamics package according to the company.

Specifics are yet to be divulged, but it’s got everything you’d expect from a GT3 race car – wider fenders, center-locking wheels, redesigned front and rear bumpers for aerodynamics, and a massive rear spoiler.

Staying patriotic with union flags, the car is a proud return the race track for Bentley. It has been designed to be eligible to race in a range of race series and events, up to and including 24-hour marathons says Bentley, although 24 hours of Le Mans was not specifically mentioned.

Development of the car is well underway, and the real-world test program will start in January of 2013. More details will be released sometime in the near future.

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