BMW Joins UR:BAN Project to Better Urban Driving Experience

BMW Joins UR:BAN Project to Better Urban Driving Experience

Recently, BMW announced its collaboration with Local Motors with the Urban Driving Experience Challenge, and now the German automaker has announced its involvement with the UR:BAN research initiative.

Working alongside 30 total partners, BMW will be making important contributions to the three UR:BAN projects: “Cognitive Assistance, Networked Traffic System, and The Human Element in Traffic.”

The project has a goal of developing new driver assistance and traffic management system systems for the future.

Driving in the city and urban environments is much different than driving on freeways and main roads. As a result, the ‘Cognitive Assistance’ project aims to develop an assistance system to better protect pedestrians. The German automaker specifically is working on developing algorithms for environment detection, data fusion, and situation assessment.

As for the “Networked Traffic System” project, it will be focused on optimizing traffic efficiency in urban environments. This will not only help reduce emissions but ensure local traffic situations at intersections will be efficient. Lastly, “The Human Element in Traffic” BMW will focus on developing methods to provide effective assistance in avoiding accidents.

The 30 partners will work within a budget of close to $105 million (80 million Euros) over the course of four years.

“UR:BAN will not only make a significant contribution to increased urban road safety. Through the deployment of an intelligent infrastructure and its integration with intelligent vehicles, it will also optimise traffic efficiency,” says Susanne Breitenberger, UR:BAN Project Manager at BMW AG.