Buick Convertible Teased by GM’s Opel Brand

Buick Convertible Teased by GM’s Opel Brand

Once languishing Buick had new life breathed into its sails during GM’s restructuring and part of that was an expanded lineup, the latest of which might be a convertible.

Two teaser images are floating around courtesy of the brand’s Vauxhall subsidiary in Europe. Recent reports are suggesting that Vauxhall could get it’s first convertible since the 1930s which could then be shared with Buick. Despite the teaser images, there doesn’t seem to be any plan for the car to appear during the Paris Motor Show later this month.

Bringing the car stateside would make sense for at least a couple reasons. First, Chrysler is selling the 200 as a hardtop convertible without any real competition from a domestic brand. The Opel Cascada would be slightly larger than a BMW 3 Series convertible, but realistically it wouldn’t compete with it.

Instead, it would be going toe-to-toe with the 200, which currently sells in the top five cars for Chrysler including all of its subsidiaries. Granted, that number includes both the sedan and convertible models, but the fact remains that Chrysler is being allowed to sell it relatively unanswered.

GALLERY: Opel Cascada convertible teaser


  • Carl

    This is a great idea, they should call it the Buick Skyhawk! Buick needs a convertible and I think Skyhawk is a cool sporty name.