Canadian Movie Goers Get Free Rides in Nissan Leaf

Canadian Movie Goers Get Free Rides in Nissan Leaf

Canadians have it pretty easy. They get free healthcare, dirt-cheap college tuition and now free taxi rides…

At least that’s the case for the next two days in Toronto where Nissan is offering free rides to people attending the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). A fleet of Leaf EVs will be available during that time as taxis accessible through Twitter. People hoping to hail one will need to tweet using the hashtag “#LEAFTAXI.”

Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy as waltzing into a hospital and snapping your fingers for free doctor attention. Instead, winners will be chosen for the free rides and announced via “@ mentions” from the @nissancanada twitter account.

Far from a regular movie experience, TIFF goers often pay heavy premiums for attendance in what has become a flagship event for the North American film community. While that has nothing to do with cars, it looks like Nissan is betting people who are willing to shell out to see artsy short films might also buy an electric car.


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