Chevrolet Volt Sales Soar, Nissan Leaf Crumples

Chevrolet Volt Sales Soar, Nissan Leaf Crumples

The Chevrolet Volt’s extended range strategy seems to be paying off this year with sales up in the six-figure percentages while the Nissan Leaf languishes as the unpopular second choice. 

Initially targeted to sell 20,000 units, sales figures released today are showing that the Nissan Leaf only sold a meager 685 Leaf EVs in August. That number stands in stark contract to the Chevrolet Volt, which isn’t a pure electric vehicle like the Leaf, but still sold 2,831 to far outshine the Nissan competitor. As sales are showing, it doesn’t seem to matter that the Chevrolet burns a little bit of gas. In fact, that’s probably a good thing because it offers to alleviate the range anxiety many electric car owners experience.

Apart from being the popular pick among consumers, the Volt broke its own record last month by selling 800 percent more cars than it did in August, 2011. While the bow tie brand’s fuel efficient option suffered through a slow start and controversy earlier this year, things are looking up now that drivers in California, one of its key markets, can take advantage of the HOV lanes recently restricted to electric cars and appropriately-passengered vehicles.

Meanwhile, Leaf sales are actually improved over July, but still utterly failing to meet the automaker’s expectations. That could be due, in part, to the fact that a cross section of owners are currently disputing the battery life Nissan advertises the car to have. Some owners say their car’s range dropped significantly after only a year of ownership.

Regardless, it seems obvious that the gap between the Volt and Leaf is growing from what was a crack last year to a gaping chasm. Worse yet, failed attempts could serve to build a negative stigma around electric cars, making them harder to sell down the line. Regardless of how anyone feels about EVs overall, the fact remains that CAFE standards are in motion to increase to 54.5 mpg by 2025 making maximum efficiency cars a must in the near future.

  • chavitz

    Both Ford and GM are the same, making lie after lie in marketing to mislead public. This is essentially their way of existance

  • Rbacon

    I traded in my 2010 Cadillac CTS for a 2012 Volt and couldn’t be happier. I’ve burned 13.2 gallons of gas in two months and am averaging over 115 mpg. My electric bill is up about $20 a month. It has all the bells and whistles and is fun to drive. 

  • Carzin

    Sales figures and more Volt information on my blog:

  • SuperMario

    Nice. You even picked a pic with leafs blowing in the wind as the Volt passes them by. Was that a purely sub (or un) conscious choice, or are you really that subtly smart? 

  • fair&balanced

    chavitz – are you that troll they banned from the Volt site? You can say GM is lying, but do you say all its happy Volt owners (raving fans, 93-percent. #1 CR owners satisfaction) are all brainwashed too? Talk all the trash you want, but you sound like part of the problem, not the solution.

  • chavitz

    You are talking about trash, period. While you said 93%, the majority of Volt sales is  fleet sales or by govenment agencies.