Chevrolet Volts Available for $159 a Month Lease… Kinda

Chevrolet Volts Available for $159 a Month Lease… Kinda

The Chevrolet Volt may be enjoying improved sales over the last few months, but the American automaker is still not satisfied with the results. In hopes of getting more Volt drivers on the road, some dealerships are offering a lease special thanks to dealer incentives.

According to a recent report by Forbes there are people out there who are enjoying driving a Chevy Volt for just $159 a month on a lease, but there is a catch… or two. The actual lease special by GM is $279 a month with $2,419 due at signing on a two-year, 24,000-mile lease.

So how is it possible that some owners snagged a Volt for $159 a month with no money down? We’re glad you asked.

Well one particular buyer was able to take advantage of $3,000 in rewards from a GM credit card that applied towards the lease of the Volt. In addition, GM is offering dealers bonus cash if they exceed their initial Volt sales goals. As we know, some dealerships are nice enough to pass those incentives onto their buyers. So with an extra $1,000 bonus cash passed from the dealer to the buyer and a trade-in, this particular Volt owner is winning out paying just $159 a month.

Of course the story reported by Forbes is a bit misleading, but with some clever haggling, there’s a good chance that you too could score a Volt for an affordable monthly payment – probably less than what you’d save in gas each month by driving now.

[Source: Forbes]

  • I would JUMP on a $159/mo Volt!

  • Chris

    As attractive as that is.. I would put far more than 12,000 miles a year on it.  15,000-16,000 probably.  Anyone know what the overage penalty is on the volt?

  • EV Charger Software Dude

    Damn, if it was just $159, i’d stop on my way home from work and pick one up!  But who wants to haggle and find out if the dealer is actually on GM’s A-list enough for me to score this deal.  So close yet so far…

  • Becky

     Chris — the 15k lease adds about $15 – $20 to the monthly payment. However, the GM promotion offered to dealers expired in August.  We just leased a Volt, and missed out on all the great deals by about 2 weeks!  We’re still happy with the deal we made, but sorry we didn’t learn about the incentives earlier…we definitely would have taken advantage of the deals!

  • Chunkles

    so its $159/mo after a sizeable trade in or using $3k of credit card points?  Doesn’t that make it not $159/mo?  this article sucks.