Consumers Plug-in to PHEVs and Switch-off on Pure Electric Cars

Consumers Plug-in to PHEVs and Switch-off on Pure Electric Cars

Electric cars are still a tough sell with consumers, but plug-in hybrids are starting to get more bites as people warm to the idea of the highly-efficient cars.

Both the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid and Chevrolet Volt recorded relatively strong sales so far this year. The Volt struggled earlier in the year after controversy over the battery pack catching fire loaded its name with negative headlines, but sales have boosted recently.

Sales were up to 2,831 units for the Volt last August compared to 302 a year earlier. Toyota also counted more than 6,000 unit sales of its Prius plug-in according to J.D. Power.

The Volt’s boost came in part because of a special summer lease promotion Chevrolet offered that ended this month. Despite that, customers still seem hesitant to buy a pure EV.

Nissan Leaf sales were down by half last month compared to a year ago and numbers for the Mitsubishi iMiEV are abysmal. The struggling company only managed to sell 37 units in August of last year and things aren’t looking good.

Despite that, automakers are soldiering forward with marketing pure EVs. Ford is offering its Focus Electric, BMW is bringing and electric concept car to the Paris Motor Show next week and also currently offers a limited number of 1 Series ActiveE cars in California.

Meanwhile, the count continues to grow with startup automaker Coda jumping in the ring this year.