Daimler Relying on Smart Fortwo EV for Brand Success

Daimler Relying on Smart Fortwo EV for Brand Success

The Smart Fortwo hasn’t exactly been the resounding success Daimler had hoped it would be, but now the German automaker is hoping its electric vehicle variant will lift the brand’s sales. 

The Smart Fortwo EV, or e-Smart, is hoping to recapture the city-car market, being the first mass-produced electric vehicle from a German automaker. It will hit dealerships in the coming weeks with a price tag close to $30,000 for the coupe and over $33,000 for the convertible (battery included). That’s nearly double the standard Fortwo model but still less than larger EVs like the Ford Focus Electric which scrapes the $40,000 mark before the tax incentive.

So will consumers opt to pay a premium in order to own and drive an electric Smart Fortwo? That remains to be unseen, but Daimler sure hopes so. Powered by a 73-hp electric motor, the Smart Fortwo EV has a top speed of 78 mph and a 90-mile electric range.

Of course, the idea of an electric Smart Fortwo fits the compact model perfectly; the city car was always built for short distance driving.

The e-Smart’s rollout will be supported by Daimler’s Car2Go car-sharing service that rents Fortwos by the minute in 15 cities across Europe and North America.

[Source: Automotive News]