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 |  Sep 15 2012, 9:01 AM

The Chevrolet Volt is about to get a boost in its sales figures, as the United States Department of Defense is planning to purchase 1,500 electric vehicles, including plenty of Volts.

It’s all part of the government’s plan to make its military more environmentally friendly, and given President Obama’s love for the Volt, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a good percentage of those 1,500 vehicles come from Chevy. This summer, the Department of Defense added a pair of Volts at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California, and will bring 18 Volts to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

The Volt hasn’t exactly been a huge success, and earlier in the week Reuters went so far as to publish an article claiming the American automaker was losing around $49,000 per Volt sold. GM, however quickly issued a statement denying the claim, and continuing to stand by its Volt.

[Source: Fox News]

  • Corey W

    Is this a partial bailout again?