Dodge Charger Pursuit Active AWD Announced

Dodge Charger Pursuit Active AWD Announced

Already a popular choice among law enforcement agencies, the mean-looking Dodge Charger Pursuit will add an active all-wheel drive system to improve traction under slippery conditions.

While active all-wheel drive is nothing new, Chrysler’s take on it is unusual. That’s because such systems can usually be found in front-drive vehicles rather than road-hungry Hemi-bearing monsters like this.

“Adding available all-wheel-drive capability to the already popular Dodge Charger Pursuit will broaden the Charger’s appeal to police departments that are accustomed to dealing with rough winters and adverse weather conditions,” said Chrysler executive Peter Grady. “With the Charger Pursuit now offering dual capability of both rear- and all-wheel-drive, we’ll be able to meet the needs of our police fleet customers across the country.”

Generation after automotive generation, Ford’s Crown Victoria dominated police fleets, but the automaker’s decision to retire its rolling billy club left opened  an opportunity for others to step in. While Ford is also already offering new police vehicles, other makes are becoming increasingly common as well.

Now, the Charger has something to hold over the rest of its segment.

“The Dodge Charger offers the most sophisticated all-wheel-drive system in its class,” said Dodge CEO Reid Bigland. “Only [the] Charger offers a front-axle disconnect that seamlessly transitions from the outstanding performance and handling of rear-wheel drive to the all-weather traction of all-wheel drive, with class-leading fuel economy and iconic styling.”

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