Dodge Dart R/T Delayed, SRT4 Confirmed

Dodge Dart R/T Delayed, SRT4 Confirmed

As the all-new Dodge Dart starts to hit American showrooms, the anticipated R/T model that was originally scheduled to make an appearance by September, will be delayed until early next year.

Powered by a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder, the Dodge Dart R/T boasts 184-hp and 171 lb-ft of torque compared to the available 2.0-liter with 160-hp and 148 lb-ft of torque or the 1.4-liter turbo-four with 160-hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. On the outside, the R/T also features a unique black front fascia, hyper-black grille, and 18-inch wheels. The interior meanwhile gets perforated Nappa leather with a 10-way adjustable power driver’s seat.

Nonetheless, Dart enthusiasts anxiously awaiting the R/T model will have to wait just a bit longer, which may cause them to rethink if waiting longer for the SRT-4 performance version will be worth it. The American automaker is currently developing the Dart SRT-4, which could boast up to 300-hp under the hood. Dodge has already eked out 285-hp from its 2.4-liter, so expecting a figure in that range wouldn’t be a long shot. The major questions will be whether or not an all-wheel drive will find its way to the SRT-4 model and what the pricing of the Dart SRT-4 will come in at. Would $30,000 be too extreme for a Dart?

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • wow wandrfull

  • Brianmcgaw

    Can’t wait for the new srt-4…might have to trade in my 04 srt-4 for the new Dart srt-4…it better be awd or I’ll keep mine though

  • Fhouston2020

    They should have gave it a muscle look like the old dart, this looks like a tuner, but i still luv it.

  • Rallyup

    Just got my Rally ( fully Loaded ) I love it!

  • F150lightningboy

    It’s still a stretched out neon and plus its still a Chrysler product , the car I thought said hi was put to sleep when it last said goodbye In 2006.Chrysler still has a long way to go in the quality area and they also took the govt bailout/ welfare money unlike
    Ford. They always over promise and under deliver need I mention the Pacifica/pieceofshitica, PT Crusier/ PT loser or the jeeps/ Just Empty Every Pocket. The list goes on and on. if you’ve never worked on or sold parts for them then your in the dark. Another gem of info Don’t ever buy a completly new model until its tried
    and proven. First year is always fixing the bugs that come up.

  • K Birmingham

    Its has nothing to do with anything remotely close to the neon. It is chock full of Alfa Romeo DNA.

  • I am waiting on the Dart SRT-4. I had a Neon SRT-4, missed out on the Caliber but may pick one up in the used market. That would be cool, Neon SRT-4 (Go find a ACR even rarer) and Caliber SRT-4 with Sat Nav to go with the Dart SRT-4…hmmmm

  • LiveFreeOrDie86

     Indeed. It is a badge engineered Alfa Romeo Giulietta; they just changed the nose and tail and stretched the wheelbase a tad. (the 1.4T is the Fiat group turbo used in both the Alfa and the Fiat 500 Abarth)

  • dcamarillo25

    You are talking pre 2010. Save that old garbage for the blue oval blow jobs you give out.

  • A Stanfield

    I have a 2006 Dodge Daytona that just turned over 200,000 miles!  It has turned out to be the best car I have ever owned- no warranty issues, the only non maintenance repair was a computer chip at 150,000 miles.  I’m going to retire it next month and keep it- and then I’ll go buy another one.

  • Sandboost

    he used the civic as a class leader to compare the dart to, the latest civic is a POS.  Even Honda knows that, and told everyone sorry!

  • Harris123

    If you research you will find that ford did all the precautions to take the bailout money but because they mortgaged there company even the blue oval symbol they had enough cash to operate for one year at the current level of sales after that they would need the money. But you are correct that they didn’t take it , but Chrysler has paid back their money unlike gm and Chrysler has posted positive gains quarter after quarter because somebody finally believes in making it work instead of stealing their cash like the Germans did when Chrysler had 8 billion dollars in reserve at the take over

  • Harris123

    November 27, 2006
    Ford Mortgages Assets to Pay for Overhaul

    DEARBORN, Mich., Nov. 27 — For the first time in its 103-year history, the Ford Motor Company is mortgaging its assets, including factories, equipment, office buildings, patents and trademarks, and stakes in subsidiaries like Volvo, in order to raise $18 billion to overhaul itself.

    The amount Ford is borrowing exceeds the total market value of all its outstanding stock by more than $2 billion.

    Although other auto companies have put up manufacturing equipment and other types of collateral over the years to secure loan, Ford has never done so before. For many decades, its credit was so good that it could easily borrow without pledging assets.

    By doing so now, analysts said, Ford is putting its independence at risk. If management fails in its latest attempt to make the ailing company profitable again, Ford may be left with little choice but to find a buyer or merger partner or file for bankruptcy protection.

    “This refinancing tells us that they see very tough times ahead,” said John Casesa, a veteran automotive analyst with Casesa Strategic Advisers in New York. “Either they’re incredibly conservative, or they’re preparing for an extremely dark outlook.”

    Ford, in a statement, said it needs the financing “to address near- and medium-term negative operating-related cash flow, to fund its restructuring, and to provide added liquidity to protect against a recession or other unanticipated events.”

    The company said it expects to complete the financing by the end of the year, giving it a total of $38 billion in liquidity to work with.

    Ford stock fell 20 cents, or 2.5 percent, to $8.31 a share in morning trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

    The company said last month that it might arrange secured financing for the planned overhaul because its credit rating, now well below investment grade, makes other methods for borrowing money too expensive and too limiting.

    Ford’s chief financial officer, Don R. Leclair, told reporters and analysts on a conference call two weeks ago that management’s willingness to leverage the company’s assets is “a measure of the confidence we have” in the turnaround plan.

    Of the $18 billion Ford is borrowing, $15 billion will be secured and $3 billion unsecured.

    Moody’s Investors Service lowered its rating of Ford’s senior unsecured debt to Caa1, seven levels below investment grade, from B3, saying that the asset pledges would make it more difficult for unsecured lenders to get their money back if the company defaults. Still, Moody’s analysts saw logic in the plan from the company’s perspective.

    “It was important for Ford to structure this type of financing plan in order to ensure that it had adequate liquidity as it enters a highly challenging period,” said Bruce Clark, Moody’s automotive analyst. “The company still faces daunting competitive and market challenges, but this plan would give it some breathing room over the next two years.”

    Shelly Lombard, senior high-yield analyst with Gimme Credit, a corporate-bond research service in New York, said the financing “makes sense,” given that Ford is expected to burn through $5 billion of its cash reserves this year.

    “At that kind of run rate,” Ms. Lombard wrote in a research note this morning, “the company would have had only a few more years of liquidity, especially since it insists that it won’t sell Ford Motor Credit.” The company’s stake in the credit arm is one of the assets pledged in the financing deal.

    Today is the deadline for hourly workers in Ford’s American operations to decide whether to accept retirement and buyout packages worth as much as $140,000 apiece. Ford offered the deals to all 75,000 of its unionized workers as it prepares to close more than a dozen factories and eliminate 30,000 hourly jobs.

    About 14,000 salaried positions also are being cut, but those workers have more time to decide on buyout packages.

    Nearly 35,000 workers at G.M. accepted similar deals earlier this year, costing that company about $3.8 billion. Ford’s program is expected to cost somewhat less than that amount because its work force is smaller and, on average, younger and thus farther from retirement age.

    Ford announced its turnaround plan, called the Way Forward, in January, and revised it in September to accelerate the job cuts and plant closings. The company, which lost about $7 billion in the first nine months of this year, says it does not expect to earn a profit in North America until 2009 at the soonest.

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  • Cole

    your not paying for a dart at 30k, you’re paying for SRT. the SRT will be a night/day difference. Fiat will see to that. 

  • Myfurf61

    How about FOUND OF ROAD DEAD, fordboy.

  • Kyle17

    It’s still a dart. just like neon guys say its an srt4, which could mean a caliber or neon. BTW I know dodge is trying to make srt a brand.

  • Bighitrider17

    I miss my 05 srt 4. I can’t wait for the new one! Hopefully its under 30k with 350 HP!

  • Twocrazy1962


  • dodgedale

    ford…IS NOT first on race day….but rather found on road dead

  • dodgedale1949


  • Rstraker

    Flip Over Read Directions

  • RJ at Rainier Dodge Olympia

    Kyle, SRT is officially a brand now… thought you’d be interested in hearing that news.

    Internet Manager
    Rainier Dodge of Olympia

  • Can someone tell me if the Dodge Dart has an RT version? I’m a Copy Writer writing Ads for Dodge, and I was asked to write an ad for the RT model but in my research there are 5 models and an RT isn’t one of them. I’m so lost. 

  • Colum Wood

    They showed a Dart RT a long time ago as a concept but never produced it. There is a GT model coming though

  • Ken Buckley

    pacifica and the smal Jeeps were just a replated mecsad. I have an 04 Neon, 06 Magmun and 73 Dart Sport SS/KA. I work on all my cars as well other peoples Fords and Chevys as well. So I can tell you this they all put some junk out. But, some good too. Stock is a compermise. Yes 1st year bug year.

  • E Olson16

    its gt now 

  • Sparky

    A 2.4 turbo likely will be best for longevity. 300-320hp would be perfect as would a 26k msrp, just like the origional neon SRT4, fast, fun, decent mpg and inexpensive. The focus ST is slow and heavy 3200lbs. The new MS3 will be NA and make 280+hp.

  • Sparky

    I hate to say it Myfurf61, but f150lightnigboy is correct. Ive been friends with a few aster techs at my local dodge store. Told them how I wanted to buy a toy to play with/mod, a 05′ SRT4 (circa 2009), they told me not waste my money. Lots of problems mechanically and poor quality over all. Plus, stats speak for themselves. That’s the problem with fanboys of a brand, they’re to narrow minded and dumb to think outside the box and look at reality. I drive a Asain brand. But if I was to buy a domestic performance car or truck I’d do my research, check recalls, owner surveys, who has taken bailouts and who’s had more vehicles towed in the last 5 yrs (yes there’s actually a stat for that), plus residual value. Guess Who (of the three Donestic brands) is the best Hands Down for the last 8 yrs based on the above? Just guess. Begins with F. And who is at the bottom, has the Worst reliability & highest depreciation in first yr of any manufacture? Begins with a D & it’s sibbling brand… And the name on the new engines in these vehicles built by the D brand are not real, the H name from the original engines in the 60’s-70’s was purchased to use for marketing to help sell a failing brand.

  • Ktownsfinest

    For Only Retarded Drivers?!

  • Donald Robinson

    I am waiting for a Dodge Dart R/T, that was promised in the ads that first came out in 2012. I have notified the Chrysler/Dodge dealerships from Florida to New York and they all try and sell me anything but a Dodge Dart R/T………..What is wrong with Chrysler dealerships? What do they not understand that people want the Dodge Dart R/T? Now I know why I bought a 2013 KIA Forte. In 2015 I plan to buy another car. I wonder if it will be a 2015 Kia Forte or a Dodge Dart R/T. If there are no Dodge Dart R/T’s on the market then, well Kia Forte here I come.

  • Donald Robinson

    I think they lied about the Dart R/T that they were touting at the different car shows in 2012.

  • Donald Robinson

    My Kia Forte runs like a Dodge Dart wish it could. I have gotten 45 miles to the gallon while rolling down the highway. I always get 26 mpg going thru town. It has gotten where I only have to fill up 2 times a month. I wonder if Dart is like that. I expect the R/T not to be like that,but that is what I want! A DODGE DART R/T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!