EVs Prepare to Celebrate National Plug-In Day

EVs Prepare to Celebrate National Plug-In Day

On September 23, 2012, owners of plug-in hybrid and all electric vehicles are invited to particiapate in National Plug-In Day, meant to celebrate and spread awareness about environmentally friendly vehicles. 

While sales of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles are still a little sluggish, events like this are trying to bring vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt to the mainstream. “This year, thousands of Nissan LEAF owners around the country will show their enthusiasm for zero-emission car culture with activities at National Plug In Day,” said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, sales and marketing of Nissan North America.

National Plug-In Day is organized by Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association, and gathers together owners of electric vehicles at different locations across the country to participate in various events, such as keynote speeches and seminars about electricity in America.

“This kind of passion does more than drive awareness—it allows pioneers of the electric vehicle movement to share their experiences, and it demonstrates that electric vehicle ownership is about more than transportation. It’s a lifestyle,” said Carolin.


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