Family of Compact Cars a Possibility for Infiniti

Family of Compact Cars a Possibility for Infiniti

Infiniti‘s new compact is heading to production in 2014, but it appears that it might not be the only small model that the luxury Japanese automaker is working on.

Based on the Etherea Concept and built on Mercedes-Benz‘s MFA architecture, the new compact from Infiniti will be an entry-level, front-wheel drive offering to compete in the growing compact market. The vehicle will be built by Magna Steyr in Austria, and we should be hearing more about it in the next couple of years.

But Infiniti could be considering building a family of compact models based on the MFA platform, perhaps adding a coupe variant to the upcoming sedan, in addition to a C-segment crossover entry. Mercedes-Benz currently has five different models built on its MFA platform, so it’s quite versatile and could be a perfect fit for Infiniti if it wishes to build multiple compact vehicles.

Of course nothing is definitive, and chances are Infiniti will wait and see how well received (or not) its new compact model is before making a decision.

[Source: De Telegraaf]