Fatal Stabbing Reported at Chrysler Jefferson North Plant

Fatal Stabbing Reported at Chrysler Jefferson North Plant

Chrysler group has issued a statement today which confirms that a man has been stabbed to death while working on the assembly line at the companies Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit. 

“Chrysler Group is deeply saddened by events that occurred at its Jefferson North Assembly Plant this morning,” the company said in a statement. Two employees were involved in the fight, and unfortunately one of them was stabbed and pronounced dead on site.

The plant line has been halted for now, while the police investigate the incident. Details surrounding the fight are still unclear.

Jefferson North is responsible for the production of Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango vehicles.

UPDATE: Production will resume tomorrow for the plant after being rocked by the stabbing, details of which emerged through the day. Chrysler worker Jeff Hunter approached fellow Chrysler employee Keith Readus, whispered something in his ear then stabbed him and slit his throat according to Chrysler.

Immediately after the incident, Hunter got on a forklift and was found dead on Belle Ilse, and island park in the Detroit River. There was a gun present at the scene and police are calling his death a suicide.

It was also revealed after the stabbing that Hunter had a history of violence that previously caused him to be fired from Chrysler. Hunter had been re-hired after his original termination.

[Source: Auto News]

  • Exhileratingme500ways

    Shameful how people print information without fact checking. Jeff Hunt was never fired from Chrysler.

  • Sexisassi

    It doesnt really matter at this point now does it..