Ferrari 599XX Die Cast Models are a Collector’s Dream

Ferrari 599XX Die Cast Models are a Collector’s Dream

Who doesn’t want a Ferrari 599XX die cast? These 1:18th scale models from BBRmodels are limited edition and hand made in Italy, painted with the same paint found on production Ferrari vehicles.

Long known for its high-quality model cars, BBRmodels based out of Milan, Italy have been hand making original die casts since 1984. While BBRmodels’ catalog is extensive and packed with plenty of toys for every collector’s dream, these limited edition Ferrari 599XX 1:18th scale models are undoubtedly at the top of everyone’s wish list. Priced at around $475 a piece, the BBR Ferrari 599XX Evo Rosso F1 2007 Italian Flag Edition and Standard Edition is limited to just 25 units each, while the Evo Rosso Corsa 322 is limited to 50 pieces.

Each model comes in its own luxury wooden display box and features every bit of the same detail you’d find on the real deal.

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