Ferrari Collection Headed to Auction After Foreclosure

Ferrari Collection Headed to Auction After Foreclosure

Weep if you want for the former real estate business owner who will be losing $1.2 million worth of Ferraris, but there are some stunning cars headed to the auction block.

In total, 12 Ferraris and one Ford Thunderbird sat in a warehouse owned by the bankrupt company. Unfortunately, that meant the venerable collection would be swiped out from underneath their owner’s grap like so much table linen.

Now, the cars are slated for sale during an event hosted by BVA Auctions where the lowest priced car, a 1985 308 GTB Quattrovalvole, will kick off at $21,000. The others aren’t going to be so cheap, though. Among the listed, there is a 1965 275 GTB starting at $502,000, two Testarossas and quite a few others.

The auction is expected to bring in at least $1.2 million, but there’s a good chance it could go higher given that the estimate is based on the cars selling for conservative figures.

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[Source: Jalopnik]

[Photos: BVA Auctions]