Fisker Gets Funding, Atlantic Development Gets a New Lease on Life

Fisker Gets Funding, Atlantic Development Gets a New Lease on Life

The Fisker Atlantic debuted at this year’s New York Auto Show, but has been mostly unheard of since. For the last few months, the American automaker has been battling issues with its Karma model, while working hard on securing future funding.

Now there’s good news from Fisker, as the automaker has secured over $100 million in equity funding, giving the Atlantic a new lease on life. In addition, the automaker plans on launching a new Karma marketing campaign and expanding its dealer network into new markets.

Fisker will target both the Middle Eastern and Chinese markets for an immediate expansion while reviving the Atlantic project that will hopefully see production sometime in the near future. The automaker hopes to announce its production plans and a timeline for the Atlantic before the end of the year.

“This is another major vote of confidence in Fisker’s pioneering technology and business model. We are grateful to both our investors and our initial customers who have supported our company and are quickly becoming our biggest advocates,” said Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz.

[Source: Motor Authority]

  • Popbnnt

    Fisker has great product but poor Public relations. They can’t seem to convey the positive aspects of their story to the public. For some reason Tesla is the darling of the media and Fisker gets kicked around. Yet Fisker’ revenues are strong. I think it is mainly the Republicans fault for denigrating green technology. It isn’t easy being an innovative start up!! Go Fisker