Ford Fusion MPG Challenge Completed – Video

Ford Fusion MPG Challenge Completed – Video

To show off the real world fuel economy of the new 1.6-liter EcoBoost powered Fusion, Ford took four NASCAR drivers and pitted them against each other in a MPG challenge,  with Trevor Bayne coming out on top. 

Bayne posted the winning number of 46.9 mpg, leading the likes of Greg Biffle who finished with 46 mpg, Matt Kenseth who managed 46.2 mpg and finally Carl Edwards who brought up the rear with 42.2 mpg. The challenge was to lap a 2.5 mile racetrack three times in 15 minutes while getting the best fuel economy possible.

The EPA rates the EcoBoost equipped fusion at 37 mpg highway, which was beat by all four competitors. The video does not mention however how fast the competitors were going, and surely it was not highway speeds. The cars were also never required to stop, like they would in city traffic, therefore setting the best circumstances to achieve these high numbers.

“The guys were telling me this may be the only trophy I’ll ever get for driving slow,” said Bayne. “But I’m not going to take it that way; I think this shows Fusion is a powerful and fuel-efficient car and if handled with care and finesse, it can accomplish some amazing things.”

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  • Amunhotep

    So this was each driver driving the same type car, rather than going against other makes?  So what does that prove?