Ford, GM Team Up to Develop Nine and 10 Speed Transmissions

Ford, GM Team Up to Develop Nine and 10 Speed Transmissions

Despite beliefs by transmission manufacturer ZF’s president that the race to add transmission gears is close to the limit, General Motors and Ford are teaming up to jointly develop new nine-speed and 10-speed transmissions.

The partnership between two of America’s largest automakers aims to build transmissions to use across their lineups in hopes of maximizing fuel economy. GM is in charge of developing a nine-speed transmission for front-wheel drive applications while Ford is focusing on a 10-speed transmission for rear-wheel drive vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUVs, and performance cars.

Development began earlier this year, but is still currently in the design phase. The automakers are hoping to begin production before 2015 however. Details on the agreement were not announced, but a GM spokesman did confirm that the automakers are in discussions and have signed a memorandum of understanding on the project. A definitive agreement is expected to be announced soon.

It’ll be even more interesting to see if this relationship blossoms to something greater. A manufacturing alliance wouldn’t be entirely out of the question, and could help boost both automakers’ production and development.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • FordV8Supercar

    There’s only so many gears that a normal human (or computer for that matter) can handle. The Lexus IS-F had eight gears or something and reviews didn’t take too kindly to that.
    Also transmissions with a crazy number of gears are in the process of making the manual obsolete, and so that’s why I’m really not a fan of these newer transmissions.
    And you never hear people asking for more than 6 gears, so do we really want this stuff anyway?

  •  i hear you loud and clear. but the manual will never die. i dont see a manual having 9-10 gears…thats just crazy shifting and hell on the driver. all these number on gears is suppose to save on gas mileage. soon enough we will have enough or more gears as a semi

  • cvt