Gangnam Style: Get Your Own for $59,250 from Hyundai

Gangnam Style: Get Your Own for $59,250 from Hyundai

This could be one of the best marketing ideas ever or one of the most embarrassing endorsements of all time, it’s up to you. 

Leaping on the ridiculously popular “Gangnam Style” music video currently counting almost 215 million YouTube hits, Hyundai paired up with South Korean rapper PSY to endorse its Equus luxury sedan.

The automaker posted a photo of the singer posing with a California-plated Equus on its Facebook page today featuring a “swag-o-meter.”

Despite the video featuring a Mercedes SLK, the brand seems to hope people will buy into the idea that its flagship car is, in fact, cool enough to have gangnam style. Better yet, getting a little Gangnam Style for your own collection is reasonably priced next to the competition.

It’s true that the video features the wimpy SLK 200 which costs quite a bit less than Hyundai’s luxury sedan, but it also has a V8. You’ll need to drop $67,990 with Mercedes to get an SLK counting the same number of cylinders.

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