Gas Cost Cutting Program Opens to New Jersey

Gas Cost Cutting Program Opens to New Jersey

Thanks to recently passed legislation, New Jersey residents will now be able to take part in an incentive program through Stop & Shop supermarkets that can cut the cost of gas by as much as $2.20 per gallon.

The incentive program is simple: customers accrue points points based on how much they spend in the store with certain restrictions. Those points can be applied in preset increments to reduce the per-gallon cost at participating Stop & Shop and Shell pumping stations. Discounts are redeemable for every 100 points collected for a 10-cent reduction for every 100 points collected.

Customers get a point for every dollar spent, which could quickly add up to big savings for an family, especially one saddled with feeding hungry kids and a gas guzzling SUV. Unfortunately, there’s a one-month expiration date on any points collected, so you’ll need to spend $2,200 by the end of the month to get the maximum discount.

For the select groups who actually bought Suburbans because they needed the space for carrying lots of kids, this program could actually add up. For example, the massive Chevrolet boasts a 31-gallon tank, so fulling up after enjoying the full discount will save more than $68. For the folks who sprung for a V10 burdened Ford Excursion, those savings would equal almost $97.


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