Honda Civic Type R Confirmed as Future FWD Nurburgring Record Holder

Honda Civic Type R Confirmed as Future FWD Nurburgring Record Holder

Honda CEO Takanobu Ito gave a glimpse into the Japanese automaker’s future, announcing that a new Civic Type R is being developed for the European markets and is set to bow in 2015.

Unfortunately, Honda didn’t release any renderings or sketches of the new Civic Type R model, but the automaker did also say that its working on a new compact SUV model, and three new hybrid technologies were announced. Lastly, Honda is looking to launch an all-new fuel cell electric model for the Japanese, American, and European markets in 2015.

What little information Honda did give on the new Civic Type R was that it’s being developed specifically for the European market and will feature technology and research gained from the automaker’s efforts in World Touring Car Championships (WTCC). The Japanese automaker also dropped a bold statement, saying that its goal with the new Civic Type R is to become the fastest front-wheel drive vehicle on the famous Nürburgring track.

As for the compact SUV model, it will be also made for Europe only and will be based on the platform for the next-generation Jazz (Fit) model.

What does apply to the American market is the announcement of three new hybrid technologies. Honda will continue to develop its lightweight and compact one-motor hybrid system in hopes of becoming the leader in fuel economy among all hybrid vehicles. Improvements will be made in engine performance output, battery performance, and a newly-developed transmission to help extend the zero-emission driving range.

In addition, the Japanese automaker is developing a more powerful two-motor hybrid system for its midsize vehicles. Lastly, a highly efficient and high output three-motor hybrid system and the Sport Hybrid Super Handling All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) will focus on driving performance. That is the same technology we will see in the all-new Acura NSX.

In the world of fuel cell electric vehicles, Honda will take its data gathered from the 2008 launch of its FCX Clarity model to produce an all-new fuel cell electric vehicle for 2015.

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