Honda CR-Z Mugen RZ Teased – Video

Honda CR-Z Mugen RZ Teased – Video

Mugen has teased its new Honda CR-Z RZ model, which will make its official debut later this month according to the Honda-tuner’s website.

It appears that the Honda CR-Z Mugen RZ will feature a supercharged engine and is based on the popular Mugen RR Concept (seen below in the video) that debuted last year. Production of the Mugen RZ will be limited to just 300 units and will have around 174-hp combined system output and will feature a lithium-ion battery.

The limited edition CR-Z Mugen RZ will only be available in Azure Blue Metallic and will come with 17-inch wheels. Pricing will start at around $50,000 US (4,000,000 yen).

The RR pre-production model shown in the video below is a more realistic take on what the Mugen RZ will look like in production form.

GALLERY: Mugen CR-Z RR Concept


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