Honda on the Offensive, Aims to Double Sales by 2017

Honda on the Offensive, Aims to Double Sales by 2017

Honda President and CEO Takanobu Ito delivered a mid-year speech yesterday to outline upcoming products and the company’s goal to double it’s car sales by 2017.

At the end of Honda’s most recent fiscal year, the company had sold 3.1 million vehicles, a number which Takanobu believes can be doubled to 6 million by the end of 2017.

Honda is already starting its new product onslaught with the launch of the new Accord, but there is still more to come from the Japanese automaker. The newest Honda Fit will be introduced in 2013, followed by a global roll out sometime in the preceding two years. A new compact SUV model is also on the way from Honda, and will be produced in Mexico alongside the Fit starting in 2014.

On the fuel efficient front, a new fuel-cell vehicle from Honda is in the pipes, and will be delivered to the U.S. in 2015. Honda is also working on one-, two- and three-motor systems for its hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The one motor system is touted as being lightweight and compact, so it may find its way into a new compact Honda vehicle, while the two-motor setup is already in use on the Accord PHEV. A regular hybrid version of the Accord is also on its way, and should be here sometime in the next two years. Finally, Honda has it’s SH-AWD three motor setup, which will be put to use in the new Acura RLX Sport Hybrid model, and the new NSX.

Another part of the brands strategy is “concurrent development by all six regions,” meaning that each global division of Honda will develop cars together, rather than a car being built in Japan and then re-adapted for sale elsewhere.

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