Honda’s Turbo 4-Cylinder and the 2015 Civic Type R

Honda’s Turbo 4-Cylinder and the 2015 Civic Type R

Enthusiasts have been calling for turbocharged Hondas for over a decade and finally the Japanese automaker has decided to listen. But there is a catch.

Officially revealed at the Paris Motor Show today, the company’s new HR-412E powerplant is a turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylinder motor that also features direct injection. It’s not a production engine, however, and is instead designed specifically for the new Civic World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) race car.

It is, however, a strong indication of the direction Honda intends to take with the upcoming Civic Type R, which only this week Honda CEO Takanobu Ito confirmed will go into production specifically for the European market (another catch).

In a release Honda says the future Civic Type R will make use of the “technologies developed through Honda’s participation in the World Touring Car Championships (WTCC).” Reading between the lines, it’s very likely that means a turbocharged direct-injection powerplant.

In addition, Honda says the new Type R will, “aim to set new standards in performance and handling,” with a goal of being the fastest front-drive car on the Nurburgring.

In summary, a turbocharged Honda engine might make it into the new Civic Type R, which isn’t planned for the US (though there’s still the possibility), and Honda’s enthusiast fan base will have to be patient too, with the car not expected until 2015.

Browse the galleries of the new turbocharged engine and Civic race car below.

GALLERY: Honda HR-412E


GALLERY: Honda Civic WTCC Race Car

Honda-Civic-WTCC-race-car-01.JPG Honda-Civic-WTCC-race-car-02.JPGHonda-Civic-WTCC-race-car-03.JPGHonda-Civic-WTCC-race-car-04.JPGHonda-Civic-WTCC-race-car-06.JPGHonda-Civic-WTCC-race-car-07.JPG

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  • Tade Mate

    Seriously??? Honda fans have been calling for turbocharged Honda? Isn’t the only good think about Honda its high revving N/A loud engine? That’s the magic of it. Now with the turbocharger is just another hatchback… 

  • Fxcamaro

    ya but everybody knows you have to turbo a honda to get any real power outta them, no turbo you can get some power but no were near enough

  • Ushio_kun

    Type R Civic needs to come to the US Honda is my favorite brand but I’m about sick of getting screwed out of all the good models all we get over here is watered down econoboxes 

  • ejacks09crv

    HONDA make it AWD and give it 300 hp…that will be NEWS!

  • Edwnwvan

    Brammo Motorsports’ Ariel Atom 2, a basic supercar stripped of all the little things describes this engine in a GO-Cart owned by Jay Leno.

  • Fitted2k9

    Type R should come to the USA already. People in the USA have money I don’t know why HONDA keeps skipping America. Someone needs to start a petition and send it to Honda. Or stop buying Honda they will get the message.!

  • 7Age_ochoa

    keyword when your in the usa. TAX

  • Francisco_ramos91

    Honda needs to bring out another rwd car to compete against the frs also a awd turbo to compete with the evo and wrs sti
    “Stupid US smog regulations -.-“

  • hondaricerhater

    honda needs to destroy all ricers to eliminate the hate of honda itself

  • blitz94

    You can thank the EPA for screwing us out of all the nice cars.

  • Geoff

    i think the 2.4 liter engine with direct injection will be sufficent power increases if they tune it properly i cant see why honda couldnt get 230-240 bhp and 200-210 lbs-ft i think that would be a good amount for such a small car

    i personally dont want to see a turbo i simply scared the turbo would create a slight lag in the power train and i love hondas because thats what they are responsive automotive i dont want them to lose that

    so the type r can stay over in europe as far as im concerned

  • James Buttery

    Youu fool…they can make VGT or very small turbo’s that spool up extremely fast for such a small car. Turbocharging is the future! Not to mention Honda could have 1 turbocharged car, like the Civic Si, then have the rest naturally aspirated like you would be interested in.

  • James Buttery

    You are a complete fool, yea a high revving 8000 RPM n/a engine that makes a 140 Wheel horsepower…how bout noo. Turbocharging is the way to go. Do some more research.