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 |  Sep 16 2012, 3:50 PM

Tires can make a world of difference on how efficient your vehicle is. But many car owners don’t exactly understand why or how, and undoubtedly tire shops won’t take the time to educate you; they’ll just sell you whatever they have in stock and can make the most profit on. 

So tire makers have taken it upon themselves to educate consumers on how the technology in their tires work. Michelin has released a series of videos spotlighting each of their products, but the one that applies to fuel efficiency is its Energy Saver lower rolling resistance tire. According to Michelin, a proper set of tires can save you up to $400 over the life of the tires, as lower rolling resistance tires help increase fuel efficiency, are lighter and offer better contact with the road.

Watch a video of it all in action below.