Hyundai Uses Eye-Catching ‘Hyper-Matrix’ in Presentation – Video

Hyundai Uses Eye-Catching ‘Hyper-Matrix’ in Presentation – Video

In a world where it’s becoming more difficult to truly capture someone’s attention, Hyundai has turned to media group Jônpasang to put on a presentation that you must see to believe.

Dubbed ‘Hyper-Matrix’, the clever and innovative display utilizes thousands of small cubes that move based on a pre-written program that results in a mind-blowing display of art. Each block was constructed out of Styrofoam and were then fitted onto a giant grid filled with pneumatic pistons. The seamless motion that you’ll see in the video below is the result of a program that controls each logic board wired to each block.

Really, words can’t describe what happens in the presentation from Hyundai. It won’t exactly sell more cars for the Korean automaker, but it has certainly grabbed everyone’s attention worldwide.

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[Source: NBC News]