IIHS Releases Insurance Claim Frequency For All Vehicles

IIHS Releases Insurance Claim Frequency For All Vehicles

Understanding how a vehicle will react in a crash is serious concern and is tested thoroughly, but now IIHS has released a listing of real world insurance claim statistics, that shows exactly what is happening to our vehicles out on the roads. 

Six different claim types are covered by the IIHS information, they are collision, property damage liability, comprehensive, personal injury protection, medical payment and bodily injury liability. Based on the results in each category, it is apparent which vehicles perform the best and worst in a wide range of situations. All of the results listed are based on information that was taken from 2009-2011, which is not representative of the vehicles which have gone through redesigns since then, but still shows off the general characteristics of a vehicles line.

First, we have collision damage, which covers damage done to your own vehicle in an at fault accident, and also takes into account average loss payment per claim. The Ferrari California comes in on the bad end of the list, meaning that it has the most frequent claims, and is the most expensive to fix. On the flip side, the Jeep Wrangler two-door has the fewest collision damage claims, and is the cheapest to repair.

Property damage liability represents the amount paid by at fault drivers for damage done to other vehicles, and its no wonder that on the bad side of this list are some big vehicles. The Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab inflicts the costliest damage, and sits on the top of the negative side of the list, whereas the Chevy Corvette Z06 has the least claims for damage done to other vehicles. While these big trucks are expected to cause a lot of damage, of note is the Mitsubishi Lancer and Mercury Mariner, both of which are in the top ten for the most claims that inflict damage to others.

Comprehensive coverage claims are for damage inflicted to vehicles that is not the owners fault, and occurs in incidents other than crashes. The BMW 7 Series tops the negative side of the list, meaning that it is seemingly the most popular car to be vandalized, while it seems no one wants to touch a Chevrolet Colorado, which has the least comprehensive claims.

Personal injury claims are only available in States that offer no-fault insurance, which means that regardless of who is at fault, your insurance company covers your own injury claims. The Toyota Yaris represents the highest amount of claims for personal injury, while the safest vehicle with the least personal injury incurred in a crash in the Porche 911 two-door.

Medical payment coverage is offered in States that have traditional tort insurance systems, and is basically the same as personal injury claims. The vehicles on both of these lists are very similar, with all small cars on the high-claim side of the list, while expensive sports cars and large trucks on the low-claim side. The Hyundai Accent gets the most medical payment claims, while the Chevy Corvette gets the least.

And lastly, the info covers bodily injury claims, which covers other peoples medical expenses when involved in an at-fault accident.  Small cars top makes the most bodily injury claims, with the Hyundai Accent sitting atop the list, while the Chevy Corvette makes the least bodily injury claims.

For all of the info, visit IIHS.